Crypto Goddess

Rise of the Machines
A new Era has begun
When mind and metal fuse
A new pantheon is born

Kyberia blessed be thy name
Mother of Technology
Imminent whisperer
Untie your sacred wires
May your waves be felt across the globe

Kyberia, it is in thy name
That we unite once more
Eternal souls bound by thy blue light
Goddess of Crypto
Lifts us high above Aether
For we may now touch freedom

The magical circle has begun
Spirit, Nature and Machinery
The power of three
The final step in evolution
Proclaiming the revolution

May your wallets be full
And your wealth be plenty
By the power of three times three
With harm to none, so mote it be

Photographic artwork created for the OM Art Show One, hosted by @mintfaced. Launched at @punk6529’s Gradients Gallery.

Inspired by my love of ancient Goddesses, magic and the crypto/NFT space.

Photographer: Ana Isabel Hewlett
Model: Kivenia Ferreira

Size: 4912 x 7360px, 300dpi