Screaming Eyes

This Art is inspired by the fight and resistance of women from Iran. They can sometimes wear gold, but their rights and voice suppression are imprinted in their eyes. Created using an AI asset and enhanced with an original alcohol ink art by Mariana Blatnik. 2022 ————————————————————— This artwork is part of the NFT Goddesses community “Say Her Name” collection. The collection aims to bring attention to what is happening to the women in Iran in their fight for freedom. 70% of all the profits will also be used to support Iranian women artists in the NFT space, by purchasing their artworks. The other 30% will be given to the artists that created the artworks. This is our way of standing together with our sisters. Our way is to stand our ground for our sisters. No woman should be forced into slavery, experience abuse, or live in fear. We should all be free. Our bodies are our own. We decide what we do with them and what we wear! We should choose to be covered or not. We all deserve respect, equality, and human rights.