The Ocean Queen

Embraced by the waves, she came Within her mind, a long lost name The salted water ran along her veins For she and the ocean were the same The first time I saw the headdress, I knew I wanted to create a photographic artwork inspired by ancient fairytales. I chose the White Cliffs of Dover for this photoshoot as I wanted it to be special and dreamy, but at the same time quite imposing. — Artwork exhibited at: The Main Art Gallery in the Non Fungible Conference, Lisbon, Portugal, 2022 The Rug Radio gallery at Superchief, NFT NYC, New York, USA, 2022 — Some of the proceeds of this artwork will go to the team involved: Model: Kristina Nikitina Headdress: Olesya Bryutova ⁣ Make-up Artist: Sarah Shaw Assistant: Matt Thompson — Size: 4912 x 7360 px, 300 dpi