Supreme Injustice Collection

Willie L. Brown Jr and Wally Baker present their limited-edition artworks.

The Supreme Injustice Collection artworks are designed especially for displaying on usable merchandise. Each collectible is numbered from 1 through 250 and becomes a unique artwork with a Supreme Court Justice, an accountability message, and pattern or color. You choose the Justice, the message and the usable product you want in your collection. We automatically select the lowest numbered merchandise available and ship it directly to you. All merchandise is uniquely numbered and one of a kind.

Former San Francisco Mayor Willie L. Brown and Wally Baker created the Supreme Injustice Collection to expand the national conversation about the accountability of the U. S. Supreme Court and the Justices. Join our effort and demand that justices return to decisions for the common good instead of petty political agendas.

***All sales are final and there are no returns.***

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